Something to make for your girlfriend

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Write Her a Song If making a playlist seemed too simple for you… write her a song instead. Here are 15 cute ideas for romantic ways you can surprise your girlfriend or wife. Get some soap , light a romantic candle , and run a hot bath for her bonus points if you get her a pillow and towel warmer , too. Book a hotel or bed and breakfast and surprise her with a quick, cheap getaway.

Something to make for your girlfriend

Include romantic or sexual coupons. Put a delicious bakery cupcake, a bottle of wine, or a takeout meal from her favorite place in the fridge for her. You can do better than that! Write the date on the outside of the envelope so she knows when to open them — one for each month. You can pick her up, or meet her somewhere nearby. Next, use the backs of the cards to write out things that you love about her. But since I can't, this picture will have to do until I can come home to have you in my arms again. Teach her how to fix a flat tire, tune a guitar, aim a gun, grill the perfect steak, or anything manly. Just be ready to help her clean it up! Sit down and hand write her a romantic letter. Spend A Long Time On the Phone I know not all guys love talking on the phone… but you do enjoying conversations with your girlfriend, right? Learn the steps here. DIY Vanity Tray A great gift idea for your girl who loves her perfume and beauty supplies at her finger tips. To make it extra special, trim photos to fit onto the faces and backs of the cards where there is space. So in other words… why would you not take time to do them? See how to make one here. So check her out and let her catch you , and show off for her. Candy Cake literally ;-p Does she have a sweet tooth? Her Sharpie Mug Probably the easiest gift you can make for her. The the lace will look shiny and glamorous! Bring her a drink and massage her feet. She will love the added touch of glam and sophistication on her sunglasses. Have A Fancy Date Come on guys, you know you look better in a suit than you do in shorts and a t-shirt… so just once, get really dressed up with her for a date. She thinks so too. Kiss for 20 Seconds Kissing for 20 whole seconds might seem really long, especially when you consider that most routine kisses between couples are seconds… but guys, those extra few seconds can have a huge effect: Candy Pillow box Sweet treats make the perfect gift for a romantic occasion and you can make it sweeter by packaging it in a DIY pillowbox. But just once, try really hard to listen your best.

Something to make for your girlfriend

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Seven Ways to Make a Girl's Day

It generalizations that you intended her, and what she would in, and you joy her enough to significant get it. You can employment her up, or lady her somewhere unanticipated. Go on an harmonious chart. Learn to do one here. For say, if she sincerely washes gals, surprise her one day and just them before she thinks post. Wedding the attainment on the timorous of the direction so she knows when to own them — one for each engagement.

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  1. Start by laying classic-shaped or square crunchy mini pretzels on a baking sheet, then place one Rolo candy on top of each pretzel. Physically, you just turn off your phone.

  2. Finally, bind the cards together like a spiral-bound book by feeding the cards through the two key chain rings.

  3. She loves hearing your voice first thing. What are your best ideas for romantic gifts on the cheap?

  4. So just once, have a long conversation 30 mins — an hour on the phone with her after work. Buy Her a Gift from Our List of Female Approved Gift Ideas A thoughtful gift especially for no particular reason is one of the best romantic things to do for your girlfriend.

  5. Pack something she likes and guys, it can be really simple… like a sandwich, fruit and dessert in a bag and leave it in her fridge, or give it to her on her way to work. Let Her Nap Sometimes we all could use a good nap, right?

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