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Now remember we were told to end PAST the canal bridge on the left hand side. I asked the driver if it was OK that we were here, asked if we were on private property, and asked if saco bound comes here. We are beyond happy now!


There was no way of kayaking into it because of the huge drop underneath. We eventually got to the end of our journey I went with this company by mistake because I had thought we used these guys on our last Saco river trip, it was my mistake! Since they don't have their own page for me to review. Wouldn't they send a trailer just in case we had boats anyway? So I did the best i could with what little information I had given to me. The river was up to the stairs as well which meant that we had to be VERY careful getting into our kayaks because they weren't on solid ground. The left side of the bridge there was a sign for canal bridge. One man on one of the docks said they were private and that saco bound picks people up PAST the bridge on the left I was never so happy to get off that river! The actual trip down the river was fantastic! When the woman at the desk spoke about this part of the trip I reserved 2 kayaks and used their shuttle service. No signs on either dock. LOTS of people were getting out of the river here now! We called the office to find out if we were in the right landing location This time the office said that they were sending a van with no trailer because they did not know what kind of boats we had. We had driven down the road to where our point of entry was it is not on site and It was there that the 2 people in our group got their kayaks. Our kayaks were heavy. Once we got to the other side we saw 2 docks on the right hand side. We did not dare to drag the rental kayaks to risk doing any kind of damage to them. Services where the front desk help have no problem telling you how much it costs to rent a kayak and actually KNOW where they are sending you!!! This was HARD kayaking! So, we call again. We waited and waited Very apologetic for what happened to us


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Our Saco River Tubing Adventure in Conway NH

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  1. Two guys came off the van and said that the office didn't have any idea what we had for boats so they did not know what kind of trailer to bring down to us.

  2. Now remember we were told to end PAST the canal bridge on the left hand side. No signs on either dock.

  3. To access the water you need to carry your kayak down not only a hill So again we called the office

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