I feel undateable

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But instead of ascribing the lack of male attention I received to my lifestyle choices, I internalized it and assumed something was inherently wrong with me. Fortunately, we have Reddit, which is sort of the next best thing. Me - "My day was fine". While you should never change who you are to please a guy, or make him want to date you, these are some pretty basic guidelines that I think almost everyone can get behind.

I feel undateable

They have personal interest that they will seek out by themselves without me. Trust me, I knew what I should have done. If you spend a lot of time talking about people who are supposed to be your friends, how is he supposed to trust you? Here are 15 things that make girls undateable, according to guys on Reddit. More importantly, speaking my desire is a way of honoring myself and my own feelings — desire being a perfectly legitimate feeling. If she doesn't share my interests. The last year and a half of my life has been surreal. But this belief I have is deep-set, stubborn and difficult to unlearn. Let's see, playing so hard-to-get it's almost indistinguishable from not interested and they think it's cute. That was a terrifying but exciting thought. Pretending that they have a "dumb blonde" personality. Don't do this, it's actually horrible. It ended up being the exact…same…result, but with double the heartache in the end. While you should never change who you are to please a guy, or make him want to date you, these are some pretty basic guidelines that I think almost everyone can get behind. My mind is freed up to think about more important things than why dating has never worked out for me, or why women never thought I was good enough for them. If you're into fashion, cool. I expected some messed up answers, and I got them… but there were also a lot of great answers in there that made a lot of sense to me. A recent thread on Ask Reddit asked the guys of the site: I could never date a guy who was so into himself he made everything about him. And if you can't have respect for others, how can he have respect for you? So if you're feeling it, speak up! Is he into me? Pretending To Be Stupid tebam: We say this all the time, but guys are really turned on by confidence. Would you want to date a guy who never seems to want to talk to you? Let me tell you more about my current dating situation, but first, a flashback to how I ended up here.

I feel undateable

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Are You Undateable?

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  1. In hindsight, there were probably justifiable reasons for my lack of suitors: When we moved to high school, I was never once asked to a school dance —in fact, I was one of the few people who even went to prom solo for the record, this was not a thing that people did.

  2. To me, basically anyone that I wouldn't be able to be good friends with, that would be the first and most important disqualifying trait. You can be into anything - really.

  3. If you're into makeup, awesome. I wore no makeup and slapped my hair in a ponytail every day; I carried a giant three-inch binder in the crook of my arm everywhere I went; and I never hung out with anyone outside of school because my first love was homework.

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