Winter Safety


Winter is a time of making snow forts, snowmen, skating, skiing, and a bunch of other fun activities, but it is important to keep safe during these months. So, we have gathered together a bunch of winter tips for you to keep safe this winter.

  • It is very important to keep warm during the winter. Always make sure to wear your hats, mittens, coats, and boots when you go outside to play.
  • Ice is very dangerous. You can fall easily and get hurt. Never run on icy sidewalks, steps, or pavement.
  • When you are outside, remember to stay off frozen lakes and rivers. Just because they may look frozen doesn't mean they are frozen enough to hold the weight of a person. Have a grown up check the ice thickness before going onto the ice to skate.
  • Snowbanks may look like fun places to build snow forts, but they can be very dangerous near streets or highways. Do not crawl into or build tunnels in the snowbanks as they are known to fall in or get plowed in and you do not want to get stuck inside. When building forts make sure to make plenty of openings to get out and a light opening on top.
  • When tobogganing or sleighing never slide where you could end up on the street. Before going down the hill always check for hidden rocks, stumps, or wires. If you are sliding near a street make sure there is a fence at the bottom of the hill to stop you from going onto the road.
  • Do not play on the road. It's against the law and it's very dangerous. In the winter cars need longer distances to stop on icy and snow covered roads. Play in your backyard, at the park, or in the school yard instead.
  • Wintertime is filled with many fun activities like skiing, snow boarding, skating, and doing other outdoor sports. We recommend always wearing a helmet.

Bus Safety Tips

While waiting for the bus, stand several feet from the road in a safe place during winter weather and do not play or stand on the snowbanks on the side of the road. Use the handrail when getting on and off the bus to prevent slipping and injuring yourself on icy surfaces. Do not push and shove when getting on and off the bus.