Authority is the right or power to control and command others. Authority refers to people who are in charge of or responsible for others. They have the legal power to make and enforce rules.

People who have authority are usually older then those for whom they are responsible for, but there are some exceptions. Some are in authority because they have knowledge or information needed by others. Here is a list of people who have authority.

  • Police Officers
  • Judges
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Principal
  • Babysitter

With authority also comes rules. There are laws and regulations that govern all parts of our lives. There are people appointed to teach us, care for us, help us, and keep us on track. These people make rules for a purpose. Respect for people in positions of authority shows that you have an understanding of the need for rules. You must respect authority and laws even if you do not agree with a person or law. If you have an opportunity to be an authority figure you must not abuse the position.