Why Drugs


Why Do People Turn to Drugs?

People turn to drugs for many reasons. The reasons can vary from drug to drug and person to person. Someone may have more than one reason. Sometimes people start off with one reason and it can eventually lead to other reasons.

Curiosity is one reason. Maybe someone see's their friends or a family member doing drugs and decides to try it.

Another reason, along with curiosity, is peer pressure or belonging. Peer pressure is one of the most common reasons why young people try drugs in the first place. Even those who do not want to do drugs and know it is wrong have a hard time saying no when they believe their reputation, image, or friendship is at stake.

People who do not know how to deal positively with stress or pain may turn to drugs as an escape to try and make their problems disappear.

Some suffering with depression or a sense of hopelessness can also turn to drugs.

Some young people start using drugs out of pure boredom or rebellion. They could possibly just be simply bored with what they are doing at the time or feel they are bored with their life and are turning to drugs for something to do.

After time these initial reasons to start using drugs can turn into an addiction. The person can become dependant on the drug physically or psychologically. It doesn't matter whether the drug is mild or strong, prescription or non-prescription, legal or illegal, when you use drugs continuously it will become a problem and you will become addicted.

No one intends to be a drug addict. Learn to say NO!

If you are feeling tempted towards drugs for any of these reasons or any other reason, do not hesitate to Contact Us and talk to us. Your school councillor is always available to listen and help as well. You can also check out our Getting Help page for a list of helpful resources to contact.