Drug Facts


Three ways drugs can be taken

  • Ingest
  • Inject
  • Inhale

Are All Drugs Illegal?

No, not all drugs are illegal. Drugs which are prescribed by a certified doctor and are used properly by the individual they are prescribed to, are not illegal drugs. If a prescription by a doctor is abused it may become an illegal drug (for example, when the prescribed drug is given to another person other than the person for which it was prescribed for and this person uses or sells the drug).

If you are using illegal drugs, you are in danger of being charged with a criminal offence and may be sent to court and/or jail. You also stand a high chance of becoming addicted to the drug you are using. Often when people use drugs, that drug becomes their main priority and people and things which were once important become ignored and forgotten. People who use drugs often start failing school and often drop out. If you are older and using drugs you may lose your job and your spouse because of drugs.