Internet Safety Rules


Do Your Children Use The Internet?

Here are some things you should know as a parent!

  • Chat rooms are one of the main areas where sexual predators cruise searching for children.
  • Online predators are able to deceive children because of the relative degree of anonymity.
  • Predators search for children online who may be lonely, have low self-esteem, lack supervision and may be upset with their parents.
  • If your child has been lured, seduced, or abused on-line, chances are you won’t find out.

Don’t let the Internet predator be your childs sex educator!!

Parents are often mislead to believe their children are safe at home and on the computer. Most parents have educated their children about stranger danger and what kind of people they should stay away from. There was a time where the child pedophile was only watching children in school grounds and parks, but now your children may be letting predators into your home and even their rooms via the Internet.

Here are some things you should do as a parent!

  • Do not put computers in your children’s rooms. Place the computer in a central family location (living room, dining room, etc.).
  • Get to know your children’s online friends.
  • Do not let children use the internet when you are not home.
  • Use child protection software.
  • Talk to your children about the dangers and how to protect themselves.
  • Enforce strict timelines for how long your children should be on the computer. Encourage old fashion things such as playing outside, recreational sports and activities, socializing with friends off of the computer.
  • Understand the computer yourself. Go into a chat room and see for yourself what kind of information your child may be receiving. You will be surprised!
  • Constantly check your computer's history to see who and what your kids are talking about. If they are deleting it before you can read it……you should be very concerned!!
  • If the computer seems to have become your child's obsession, disconnecting the Internet may be a way of keeping your child safe for a while.
  • Monitor your children when they are on line. It doesn’t hurt to walk in the room and say hands off…check what they have just written or read.
  • It may seem like invasion of privacy, but you do pay the bills and you do provide the computers. If your children are offended by your supervision, they do have the option of not using your computer.