Stop Bullying



Are you a Bully?

How to Stop Bullying Others

Here are some tips for those of you who are bullies or if you think you are a bully.

  • Try to identify why you bully. This is the first step to take to start changing your behaviour. Write down a list of some of the reasons. Next to each reason, explain how this is affecting your life.
  • Identify the type of bully you are. Are you a physical bully, a verbal bully, or an emotional bully? You can read all about the different types on our What is Bullying page. Which one best describes you? Knowing which one you are may help you solve the problem.
  •  Now that you have discovered why and how you bully the next step is to take action. Start by approaching your bully victims. Talk calmly to these people and explain that you want to change your ways and that you're sorry for what you have done. If you feel too shy to approach them, maybe write them a letter and hand it to them with a big 'I'm sorry' written on the envelope. Your victim may not take you seriously right away. Give them some time to take it in.
  • Most importantly, stay true to your words and be friendly towards your past targets.

Further Tips

  • After you have apologized there are still some further steps you could take. If you hang out with a bad crowd maybe avoid hanging out with them. They may just convince you to go back to bullying, which is something that can happen quickly.
  • If you want to show people just how much you've changed, try going up to someone new at lunch and start a friendly conversation.
  • Try sending a compliment to another person rather than insulting them.
  • If you feel anger or frustration building up inside you and don't think you can let it out without being mean to others, ask someone you trust if you can talk to them confidentially. Tell them about how you are feeling, they just might be able to give you some good advice! Or you can always contact us and talk to us we will definitely listen and help!