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Grade: 7   Age: 12

Megan is a bright young girl with a warm smile. She's easy to get along with and has many friends. Recently Megan got her very own computer and she started talking to people she knew and didn't online. Feeling very anonymous she felt she could say anything to anyone and they wouldn't know who it was.

Unaware of the consequences, Megan began to bully people online at night, but during the day she is as nice as can be. Megan is a cyberbully. How long will it be until Megan realizes what she is doing is wrong?


Grade: 4    Age: 9

Ethan is a small boy for his age. He likes riding his bike and playing video games. Ethan also has a bully that is much older than him who picks on him everyday on his way home from school. But being so much smaller and younger than the bully, Ethan doesn't know what to do. He doesn't like walking home from school alone anymore, but none of his friends live around him. What can little Ethan do?


Grade: 8    Age: 13

TJ would much rather stay at home and play video games all day than go to school. He has the reputation of being the class clown, which sometimes gets him into trouble. TJ likes to get people to laugh and he loves the attention from it. Coming from a big family of older brothers he tends to feel left out at home.

TJ recently started picking on a younger boy named Ethan on his way home from school. He does it for the attention he gets from his peers and he finds it funny to scare little Ethan and get a reaction from him. TJ isn't aware that teasing Ethan is a big deal. How far will TJ go just for a little attention?


Age: 2

Rescue is a small, friendly dog that helps out the Sault Ste. Marie Police, Community Services in keeping kids safe. He enjoys all of the activities of a normal dog, like playing fetch, having his belly rubbed, and chewing on his dog bones. But what Rescue likes most is helping out kids who are having a tough time. He loves to give advice and will listen to anyone's problems and help out in the best way that he can.