Charging Bullies


Charges Related to Bullying

Criminal Harassment

A person commits criminal harassment when they REPEATEDLY follow another person from one place to another, communicate directly or indirectly, watch the other person's home, school, or work place, and engage in threatening behaviour.


A person commits an assault when he/she applies force intentionally to another person, directly or indirectly. A person also commits an assault when he/she attempts to apply force to another person and causes that person to believe they will follow through with that action.


A person commits a threat when they cause another person to believe that they themselves or their personal property may be harmed or damaged. This can be done by uttering words, writing on paper or via electronic devices such as the Internet, phone, and text messaging. This can also be done by having a third party relay the threat.


A person commits mischief when they purposely destroy, damage, or alter someone else's property or render someone else's property useless or ineffective.