Bystanders can help! That means you!

Bystanders are the witnesses to the bullying and do not do anything about it. Most people feel uncomfortable witnessing bullying and feel they should help out but very few actually intervene. It is proven that when peers step in the bullying stops within a few seconds. Especially if there is a number of people stepping in. Bullies won't want to confront a group of people all on their own.

How Bystanders can help

When you are watching someone else get bullied you are being the audience that the bully wants. By giving the bully attention you are encouraging him or her to keep dong what they are doing even if you are not saying anything.

Here are some tips for bystanders

  • Recognize bullying - it's not just physical. It can be verbal and emotional as well.
  • WALK AWAY. Walking away is very important. Go find help right away.
  • Encourage bystanders to walk away together. Show the bully you are not interested in watching the bullying.
  • Keep track of places where the bullying is taking place. If you tell an adult in charge such as a teacher, they will monitor these areas more closely.
  • DON'T JOIN IN. The bully may try to get you to join in. 
  • SPEAK UP. Tell the bully they are wrong and that you don't want to get involved. 
  • BE A FRIEND to the kid being bullied. Ask them to tell a grown-up and offer to go with them if they are scared.
  • FIND HELP. Go to a teacher, parent, friends, or other grown-ups. Tell them what you saw and ask them to help the victim and stop the bully. Remember telling is not tattling! If you are scared of the bully, then don't let them know you told.
  • DO NOT FIGHT THE BULLY. It's not safe. Go tell a grown-up instead.
  • There are no innocent bystanders. If you are standing around watching what is going on then you are part of the problem not the solution.