Bullying in Sports


Whether it's from parents, players or coaches, disrespectful behaviour has become a growing concern in our gyms, rinks, and on our playing fields.

What Players Can Do

If someone's behavior is making you feel uncomfortable or threatened, do not ignore it. Talk to someone you trust like the coach, manager, parent, or another player. Remember to keep speaking up until someone helps you. When playing sports it is natural to get competitive and wound up so when someone pushes your buttons remember to stay calm. The bully is looking for and wants a reaction from you. Project confidence. Hold your head up and stand up straight. Bullies pick on people who they think are afraid, especially in sports, so show them you're not.

Bullying during, after, and before sports may appear as yelling and screaming directed at a target, continually criticizing the person's abilities, making unreasonable demands related to the player's performance, repeated insults or put downs, threats of actual physical violence, threats to remove or restrict opportunities or privileges for the game, and denying or discounting the player's accomplishments.

If any of these things are happening to you or to someone that you know whether on your team or not, speak up and tell someone.