The Cyberbully


What is Cyberbullying

Have you ever received a mean email or instant message? Have you ever sent one? This is called cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is bullying that happens online. It's a lot like bullying that happens at recess or on the school bus; it’s when kids bully others through email, instant messages, and web sites. Like other kinds of bullying, you can stop cyberbullying from happening to you.


  • Never give anyone your password, even your best friend. But you can tell your Mom or Dad!
  • Don't share secrets, photos, or anything online that might be embarrassing if someone found out (like your entire school!).
  • Set up email and instant messenger accounts with your parents. Make sure not to put your name, age, address, or phone number in your profile.
  • Don't send messages when you're angry. Wait until you cool off so you don't say something you'll regret.
  • Be a good cyber friend. Don't send emails or instant messages written by a friend to anyone else.
  • Be as nice online as you are offline.